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  • Marnie Dromund

    My affiliation with AMAFHH Federation has been most enriching and working alongside Batul Gulani who is extremely encouraging and supportive has enabled collaborative consultation with wider community groups to help better serve the community and meet its changing needs; whilst also promoting and making positive contributions through the delivery of AMAFHH Federation services.


  • Maurice Grantdrew

    Clinical Counsellor

    AMAFHH Federation provided a wonderful opportunity to get involved at many levels including a strategic organisational level, community support and engagement, alongside psycho-education development; recognising the diversity of learning and development attained through a counselling program, “Discover yourself ” could mean awaken to who “you” the client really are. From the perspective of their own eyes, and not the eyes of those within their immediate environment, be they their community, family. Friends, husband, wives, partners.  Or those who associate and transfer to the client, the belief that the”client is” who they are from the onlookers own perspective/s.”

    I am grateful for the experience, and I extend enormous gratitude to AMAFHH team for their tremendous support throughout my involvement!

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